Annual Wellness Visit Patient Eligibility Quick Guide 

What to Know About Identifying Eligible AWV Patients and Preparing Patients for the Initiating Visit 

The Medicare annual wellness visit (AWV) is a service that greatly benefits patients and providers. It saves Medicare beneficiaries money while providing them with the care and support needed to address current and future health concerns. For providers, the AWV compensates them for preventive care most are already delivering, packaged in one convenient yearly visit. The AWV also provides an easier, more structured means of capturing the patient data needed for participation in pay-for-performance models and quality measures, all while boosting the bottom line. The Medicare annual wellness visit is truly a win-win for everyone involved. 

Download this guide to learn how to: 

  • Identify eligible AWV patients
  • Prepare patients for the AWV visit
  • Differentiate between who can provide and who can perform the AWV 

The Quick Guide also shares helpful tips and considerations to better ensure proper AWV compliance, identify worthwhile preventive services to provide in conjunction with the AWV, and understand how an AWV fits into a broader remote care management program. 

Download the guide

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