FQHC Billing Guide: Annual Wellness Visits & Chronic Care Management  

What Federally Qualified Health Centers Should Know About Coding, Billing, and Getting Paid for AWV and CCM.

FQHC Billing Guide: Annual Wellness Visits & Chronic Care ManagementFederally qualified health centers that provide their patients with Medicare annual wellness visit (AWV) and chronic care management (CCM) services achieve a big win-win. Patients receive the preventive and care management services that get them more engaged in their health, improves identification and management of chronic conditions, and increases adherence to treatments, among other benefits. FQCHs help keep their patients healthier and reduce the quantity of healthcare services patients need while also generating significant, recurring revenue that will not generally require significant clinician and staff time. 

Our FQHC billing guide offers essential information on how to code and bill for AWV and CCM services and provides guidance to help with compliance.

Download the FQHC coding and billing guide to learn more about: 

  • What codes FQHCS should use for AWV and CCM
  • How these HCPCS codes — G0468 and G0511 — crosswalk to provider CPT and HCPCS codes and services
  • Reimbursement rates for G0468 and G0511
  • Rules for who needs to perform AWV and CCM services 

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