Comprehensive Guide to Remote Patient Monitoring for Bariatric Surgery

Remote patient monitoring is proving to be a difference-maker in bariatric surgery success.

Bariatrics RPM GuideThe number of patients seeking surgical weight loss solutions is growing. And yet many of those patients eligible and scheduled for bariatric surgery will not undergo the surgical intervention. Reasons for cancellation include patient weight gain during the preoperative evaluation period and patient failure to properly follow the weight loss program required for insurance coverage.

Enter remote patient monitoring (RPM). For many patients and surgeons, RPM is the missing puzzle piece that brings the bariatric surgery process together, helping patients achieve the necessary weight loss leading up to surgery, meet insurance guidelines, and prevent or stop backslides in weight gain following the procedure.

This detailed guide takes a closer look at the role of RPM for bariatric surgery, covering a wide range of topics including the following:

  • Benefits of RPM before and after bariatric surgery 
  • Importance of RPM for medically supervised weight loss programs 
  • Ways RPM helps patients remain successful in keeping weight off 
  • Overview of how RPM works
  • Getting paid for RPM, including coding and billing requirements

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