Remote Patient Monitoring Devices Guide

All patients are unique — and so are their remote patient monitoring device needs.

RPM devices guideThe stars have aligned for remote patient monitoring, and there's no better time to launch or grow an RPM program. To do so, you’ll need to know what remote patient monitoring devices are being used successfully to treat the disease states of your patient population. The good news is that you now have choices of RPM devices to offer patients and include in your programs. From these options, you can select the devices that will best meet the short- and long-term care needs of your patients and maximize your RPM programs' revenue potential.

This guide provides fundamental information about remote patient monitoring devices that will help ensure that the device decisions you make for your patients and RPM program are the right ones.

Topics covered in this detailed RPM device guide include the following: 

  • Definition of Medicare-qualified RPM devices
  • Remote patient monitoring device connectivity types
  • Most common RPM devices
  • Frequently asked questions about remote patient monitoring devices

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